Vanilla Essential Oil

Fibranza’s Vanilla Essential Oil is a versatile and fragrant addition to your aromatherapy and personal care routine. Its therapeutic properties make it a popular choice for promoting relaxation and reducing stress, while its skin-nourishing properties make it useful in treating a variety of skin conditions.

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Fibranza’s  Vanilla Essential Oil is extracted from the beans of the vanilla plant using a solvent extraction method. It has a sweet and warm aroma that is commonly used in perfumes and aromatherapy blends to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Fibranza’s  Vanilla Essential Oil is 100% pure and natural, with no additives or fillers. It is safe for topical use and is commonly used in skincare products to moisturize and nourish the skin. Its soothing properties make it useful in treating skin irritations and inflammation, as well as minor burns and wounds. Vanilla Essential Oil is also commonly used in hair care products to promote healthy hair growth and add shine and luster to the hair. Its pleasant fragrance makes it a popular addition to candles, soaps, and other personal care products.


Vanilla essential oil is derived from the fermented pods of the vanilla orchid, and has a warm, sweet, and comforting aroma. Some of the potential benefits of Vanilla essential oil include:

Relaxation and stress relief: Vanilla oil has natural calming and relaxing properties that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It is often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and improve overall mood.

Aphrodisiac: Vanilla oil is often used as an aphrodisiac due to its rich and sensual aroma. It is believed to help enhance libido and improve sexual function.

Antioxidant: Vanilla oil contains natural antioxidants that can help protect against free radicals and oxidative stress. It may help prevent signs of aging and promote overall skin health.

Respiratory health: Vanilla oil has natural anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that can help improve respiratory health. It may help relieve symptoms of coughs, colds, and other respiratory conditions.

Pain relief: Vanilla oil has natural analgesic properties that can help relieve pain and inflammation. It is often used topically to help relieve headaches, muscle aches, and joint pain.



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